Established in 2000, Prime Sports Academy is a complete sports academy for boys and girls 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete get a college scholarship, we're here to help you succeed.

The art of coaching comes when the coach has to analyse the scientific data and convert it into coaching and training programs to help develop the athlete. This analysis process relies heavily on the coach's experience and knowledge of the event/sport and the athlete concerned.

By understanding the science, which is the foundation of training, a well designed training program has been developed that will help our athletes reach their full potential.


“The dream run is to secure India’s First Gold Medal in Athletics in the Olympics from Prime Sports Academy”


Prime Sports Academy (PSA) is the brain child of Dr. P. Nagarajan who is currently a superintendent in Central Excise Department, has the innate ability to spot young talent in sports (Especially Athletics). Combined with 15+ years of experience in Sports & Coaching, he is dreaming to coach and prepare the India’s first Olympic Gold Medalist Athlete. He handpicks his students among less-privileged children from rural belts of Tamil Nadu and is passionately grooming them into promising international athletes of the future.

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Sports & Advisory Consultancy Services

Major events consultancy

We do event planning & strategy, conduct feasibility studies , economic viability study, plan on the operations , health, safety and security.

Coaching and Training projects

We coach students & staffs with specific objectives related to sports as well as cater resource planning.

Syllabus Preparation

Building syllabus at institutions for basic training and advanced physical education programs.

Corporate Consultancy

Consulting services for the corporates and institutions to improve existing facilities and projects to turnaround performance in sports.

Talent hunt programs

Identifying talent through scientific methods and develop strategies to engage with people who are promising.

Venue appraisals

Monitoring and reviewing the progress of the sports facilities and suggesting best practices.




Founded by Dr P Nagarajan in the year 2000, Prime Sports Academy is a multi-disciplinary sports academy offering comprehensive training programs for students and staff and establishing best-in-class sports facilities.PSA is credited with the fact to have produced the many record holders in various disciplines of Track & Field, who have been identified from modest backgrounds and trained them to reach the international stage.


1. We identify sporting talent at an early stage and enroll them in our academy.We extend sports training and coaching to aspiring athletes and Staff across all our centers in Tamil Nadu.

2. Imparting advanced training for deserving athletes through technical specialists. We administer specialized evaluation techniques to help the athletes to become professionals.We closely monitor the quality and progress of every individual and conduct periodic reviews.

3. We work on team building and participative work to strike a balance between the individual excellence and sportsmanship.We constantly work on producing coaches and educating them to balance the eco system of sports. This would help in increasing career prospects for aspiring athletes.

4. At advanced stages of training, we chart out specific goals and targets with milestone documents.We build integrated performance tracking systems to sustain the whole process.

Sports Facilities & Infrastructure Planning

1. We specialize in extending services for building sports facilities and Infrastructure.Assessment and feasibility study of the sporting activity requirements.

2. Assessment of Infrastructure requirements, estimating budgets and setting timelines for speedy completion of large sports projects.Resource planning for maintenance of the sports facilities and stadia and reviewing the progress of the sports facilities and suggesting best practices.

3. We monitor, supervise and review the quality & maintenance of the sports facilities and stadia.Plan and periodically report infrastructure requirements for existing sports facilities.

Co-branding and Sponsorship Programs

1. Supporting sports and community are ways of building social capital, enhancing brand image and reputation for corporates.We invite Strategic alliance with Institutions and Corporates to mutually benefit by leveraging the brand of Prime Sports Academy.

2. We ascertain economic viability and build a comprehensive project report for the sponsors.Co-branding can help the corporates to build their branch image and at the same time serve the cause of the academy to sponsor deserving students.

3. Customized contracts would be entered to meet specific needs. A detailed project plan would be laid out to forecast the impact of the program for both the academy and the sponsor.We offer Co-branding strictly by the majority approval from the board of PSA.

Processes & Internal Control Mechanisms

1. Policy documents for building accountability at every stage of event or training program.Audit Logs to maintain a close tracking mechanis

2. Record maintenance for all training sessions.Records of review meetings and trackers to align with the organization's milestones

3. Compliance to all government regulatory bodies & stakeholders.Legal agreements for sponsorships, training programs and consultancy services.​


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Prime Sports Academy (PSA)No.4 Narayanappa Road, Pachaiyappa's Play Ground,Broadway Bus Stand, Chennai - 600108, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: Dr.P.Nagarajan (Chief Coach)- +91-9940699728